It’s 2017. Luckily most phone’s nowadays are waterproof. Or at least, water resistant. But something you don’t often hear asked is…

“Is my website wind & water resistant?”

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is a resounding yes – which I’ll be detailing a little in this post for those of our clients that want to make sure that the ship won’t go down, even if all of Florida has.

Getonwebs  & Irma

First a few administrative notes – the Getonwebs team is preparing for the storm. Right now it’s due to hit the Southern-most tip of Florida the morning of Sunday September 10th. Some of the team is staying in Southwest Florida, others are heading north to weather the storm in the middle of the country. After the severe flooding, we recently saw (in part due to Hurricane Harvey and our headquarters being due East) I am personally a bit worried about this storm. Even if we’re not hit directly, we are very water logged and even just a little rain could mean more flooding (in some areas the high water has yet to fully recede).

I will personally be staying behind (unless there ends up being a mandatory evacuation), and have started preparing the office.

Irma & Your Website(s)

Luckily you’ve secured an awesome web team that has put in place all kinds of fallbacks for just this kind of situation. First, the whole team works via SAAS (software as a service) tools – meaning we can literally work anywhere with an Internet connection. Even our files are securely stored on a cloud-based environment that only our team can access, but can do so, just as comfortably as if they were in the office – from anywhere in the world. Even our phone system is cloud-based meaning we can still receive and route calls no matter what happens in Florida.

Similarly, all of our websites have multiple fail-safes in place for storms or inclement weather to not be a problem including:

  • CDN – Assists not just in speed/SEO, but in cases where there are any downages, cached versions of your site will/can still display
  • Co-Located/Cloud-Based – All of our websites are effectively hosted across thousands of miles and are backed up in dozens of locations. So, take out anyone data center and the others kick in automatically.

Ironically, none of the servers or data centers that house our websites are even located in Florida!

If you have any questions or need anything give us a ring or email us.

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